QOTW (Dec 13th 2016): How have spreads and top of book depth changed since the tick pilot started?

How have spreads and top of book depth changed since the tick pilot started?


Chart 1: Percent change in spreads and top of book depth across pre-pilot spread groups


Chart 2:  Weekly trends in top of book depth (September 4 – December 2)


Chart 3:  Weekly trends in spread (September 4 – December 2)

  • The much anticipated tick size pilot program is in progress and we will continue to provide observed statistical updates from time to time. This week’s topic provides a summary on spread and top of book depth changes since the pilot began for various pre-pilot spread groups. We also present an analysis of weekly trends for September 4 – December 2.
  • We observe increases in average spreads and top of book depth in all groups. Securities with average pre-pilot spreads less than 5 cps have realized the largest increases. These spread increases are around 2x and top of book depth increases are at least 5.5x.
  • We observe the weekly top of book depth and spread averages in all groups rising since the roll out. Chart 2 highlights that the most dramatic increases in average top of book depth are in pilot groups 2 and 3. It will be interesting to see if these trends continue into 2017.
  • In chart 3, we observe that pilot groups 1 and 2 have displayed nearly identical average weekly spread patterns since September 4. We also observe pilot group 3 average weekly spreads rising during the week of October 9, prior to any group 3 securities being rolled out.

Pre-pilot spreads were calculated for each security by averaging the 5-minute time weighted spread for the period between January 1, 2016 and the effective tick pilot date. The pre-pilot spread buckets reflect these calculated averages.

The annotations in Charts 2 and 3 reflect the percentage of each group’s total securities rolled out during that week. The dates in the charts reflect the first trading date of the week.

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