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Incubator Overview

In this video, Ian Domowitz, Managing Director and Head of Analytics at ITG, introduces ITG Analytics Incubator as a dynamic digital community for sharing ideas and collaborating with others interested in trading and portfolio analytics.

ITG Transparency

Ian Domowitz speaks to ITG’s commitment to transactional transparency in an increasingly complex market environment.  A pioneer and continuing innovator in transaction cost analysis, ITG measures costs incurred throughout the investment process—from portfolio manager to trader to broker. Our data and tools bring an unprecedented level of transparency to both the equities and the more opaque FX markets.

ITG Mobility

In this video, Ian Domowitz outlines ITG’s foray into mobile applications for analytical trade decision-support.  Users can test drive our new mobile apps for transaction cost comparisons in the equities and FX markets, and use it to preserve alpha across geographies, sectors, market cap, and MDV. It’s interactive, updated daily, and free.


Innovation at ITG Financial Engineering

Milan Borkovec, Managing Director of Financial Engineering at ITG, talks about how ITG uses detailed analysis of key information to provide a crucial competitive edge. In today’s data-fueled financial markets, ITG continually innovates to create new and better products and improve client performance.