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ITG Market Compass
The ITG Market Compass app forecasts whether the next day’s market open will be up or down from the previous day’s close based on movement in basis points for key subsets, market, sector, and industry.
The ITG Market Compass app is a tool that can provide input for making better trading decisions by indicating the likely daily market opening direction for key markets.** This guidance is based on sophisticated internal predictive models at ITG.
The app has two chart views: Market Open Direction and Market Direction History.
  • Market Open Direction view displays open direction (Up/Down), an accuracy* indicator based on the accuracy of historical forecasts and forecasted opening move. This view allows a user to slide through the length of historical data (90-, 180-, and 360- day intervals) on which the accuracy indicator is based. In the display for this view, a green circle indicates that the market will open higher (Up) than its previous close, the number next to the green circle indicates the model-forecasted overnight return, and the corresponding column in the chart displays accuracy in the forecasted market direction outcome as a percentage likelihood.
  • Market Direction History view compares forecasted and actual overnight returns for the past 10 trading days and also shows FX movement for relevant market.
To view current and past forecasts, a user can select a date, market and a display category at the top of the screen.
The date option defaults to current date.
The market option allows a user to select Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore.
The display category changes are based on combination of market and bottom tab selection. The display selection allows a user to view opening market direction for the selected category or view model vs. actual forecasts for the last 10 trading days.
The bottom tabs are used for navigation between Market, Sector, and Industry views.
Market tab: shows the forecast for selected market cap-weighted top X index groups
Sector tab: shows the available Sector forecast within a user’s Market selection
Industry tab: shows the available Industry forecast for a user's Market selection
Returns are in basis points and are relative to previous close price. The Regions option in the Category selection field displays markets in the same region as the user-selected market. Markets are based on the following indices:
  • Australia (AUS) - Top 200 stocks by market cap
  • New Zealand (NZL) - Top 50 Stocks by market Cap
  • Japan (JPN) - Top 250 stocks by market cap
  • Hong Kong (HKG) - Top 50 stocks by market cap
  • Singapore (SGP) - Top 25 stocks by market cap
The Top X Stocks option in the Category selection displays supported market cap weighted indices for the selected market. Market indices, sectors, and industries in the Category selection view depend on the Market selected.
ITG Market Compass is a browser app designed to work on most desktop and mobile browsers including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Android, iPhone, Blackberry Z10 or greater, Android-based tablets and iPads.*** Enter the URL——in your mobile browser or click the link from your mobile email client. Once the App is displayed, select, “Add to home screen” from your device menu for easy access in the future. 
*Tools accuracy indicator percentage is not an indicator of - future performance.  
**This release supports major markets in Asia Pacific region only. 
***Not available for Internet Explorer or Firefox. 
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